The University has very good, modern agricultural library on the campus. There is a computer catalogue (alphabet and subject catalogue). Erasmus+ students have free access to computer services including the Internet.

The library contains over 432975 volumes, all current polish agricultural periodicals (over 500 titles) and access to AGRO database. The Library ID cost 12 PLN (approx. 3 €).
Address: ul. Witosa 45
61-693 Poznań
Tel./fax: +48 61 8487810
E mail: (library)
E mail: (scientific information center)
Open hours: Monday to Friday 9.00.a.m. – 7.00.p.m.
Saturday 9.00.a.m. – 3.00.p.m.
During summer holidays (between 1 July till 30 September) the Library is open only till 3.00.p.m.