Language Courses

Our Erasmus students can joint to the group of foreigners studying at other Poznań universities and take part in a Polish language course, which is organized by teacher from OUT of University.

Mrs. Iwona Szocinska
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This course has an elementary and intermediate level, so every student can fit it to her/ his own abilities. If you choose course of Polish language, you can get an extra ECTS (2 or 4 points depending of the level and number of lessons per week).
The standard Polish language course is free of charge for Erasmus students (for intensive course you have to pay the balance between price of standard and intensive course).
Students wishing to attend the Polish language course during the period of study at the Poznań University of Life Sciences are requested to check the proper box in Student Accommodation and Activities Form.
You can also take part at the EILCS (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses). The EILCs are open to students who have been selected for an Erasmus study/placement period in the LLP/Erasmus programme in Poland. Students whose main subject of study is the language of the organising county are normally not eligible for participation. Applications shall be submitted electronically to the students’ home institution, which will be responsible for forwarding the application to the EILC organising institution. Courses vary in length according to country and the student’s level of language knowledge, the maximum duration is 6 weeks with a minimum of 60 teaching hours. The actual dates, places and levels of the courses are available on web site of Polish National Agency ( ). Participating students do not have to pay any kind of tuition fee. The National Agency/home institution may award a supplementary Erasmus grant for the duration of the course. In return, students will be asked to contribute to the evaluation of the courses.
If you are interested in learning Polish by yourself before study in Poland, you can try do it via Internet.
Other Language courses

For all students (Polish and International) PULS offers intermediate and advanced language courses of English, French, German and Russian. Each course is composed of 2-3 hours of teaching per week and gives 2 ECTS credits. These courses are free of charge for Erasmus students.