Our University has our own accommodation. The dormitories are situated close to the main campus with easy access to the city centre. Dormitories are located within the distance 10 minutes walk from the University.
You can book a place in dormitory only via International Relations Office only by filling the Accommodation and Activities Form and sending it with the others required application documents. It is necessary for Erasmus student to pay a deposit, when you arrive to University’s dormitory. The deposit is equal one month rent and it will be give back before your departure if the room will has no damages. Before departure you should inform Dormitory's office to check your room.
Dormitory Danuśka
Address: ul. Piątkowska 94/ 3B
Tel. +48 61 8466485
For Erasmus students we offer double and triple rooms. There is one common bathroom for 2 rooms, with toilet and shower. One kitchen on the floor without pots and cutlery. Room’s equipment: refrigerator, electric kettle, glasses.
Price: 300-400 PLN per month (about 75-100 €) per person
How to get into dormitory?
from Central Railway Station (Poznań Główny) – go to tram stop “DWORZEC ZACHODNI” and take tram No. 14 or No. 19 and get off at bus stop "SŁOWIAŃSKA" (3 stop).

from Airport (Port Lotniczy Ławica) take bus L or No. 59  and get off at bus stop "RONDO KAPONIERA" (bus L - 2 stop, No.59 - 16 stop),  walk  (190 m in a straight line) to tram stop “BAŁTYK” , then take tram No.15 and get off at tram stop "SŁOWIAŃSKA" (2 stop)

To find the way (public transport or on foot) use

Pick up by your Buddy – best way!
If you are not interested in living in dormitory, you can find  private accommodation. We suggest contact with Simple Rent.
Simple Rent focuses on International Students, helping them to find a flat in 6 cities in Poland. We are especially interested students  from exchange programmes, such as Erasmus+.
We do understand the needs of young people coming to Poland for an exchange program.  We want them to have an opportunity to live in an apartment, making the procedure of renting simple, quick and safe. Our staff consists of young professionals, ready to provide help in English and other languages.  We also make sure that the contract between the owner and the foreign student is written in at least two languages and clear to both parties.
What is important we provide help during the whole time of student’s stay in Poland, assisting tenant – owner communication and any other issues connected to the fact of renting a flat in Poland.
Address: ul. św. Marcin 58
e mail:
tel: +48 61 670 74 28
tel: +48 790 735 301 (mobile)